Why Chariteer?

Supporters want to give; they want to make a difference. But in return, they want to feel Valued, to have Trust in their chosen charity and understand the real Impact of their giving. Ultimately, they want to have a Great Experience with your Charity.

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Make it easy for your supporters to donate

Create mobile friendly donation forms at the click of a button. Accept regular and one off donations. Process credit card and direct debit sign ups. Easily collect gift aid. Chariteer has you covered.

Make it easy to donate
Truly know your supporters

Truly know your supporters

Be armed with a clearer picture of your supporters, why they donate, how often they give and their demographics, can help you create truly personalised experiences.

Be fully transparent with your supporters on the data you hold on them

Put your donors in control by providing them personal access to your online Supporter Hub, where they can view and edit:

  • all the contact details you hold on them
  • their contact preferences
  • their donation history, dialing up or down their current donations
  • a timeline of their interactions with your charity
  • easily exit the relationship
Why know supporters
Show donors how their donations are making a difference

Show donors exactly how their donations are making a difference

By tracking personal donations, through funds and projects, you can identify precisely where a donor’s money has made a difference. Through Chariteer you can communicate the impact of this donation. It’s the best story you can tell.

Create personal and targeted campaigns

Use ‘Smart Lists’ to send campaigns to specific segments of supporters, based on factors that matter most to you - preferences, motivation, demographics…

campaign management in chariteer
Listen to your supporters

Listen to your supporters

Chariteer provides all your supporters with the opportunity to give you feedback. This valuable information can be stored centrally and both reported and acted upon - providing greater transparency, impact and trust.

Start building great donor experiences with Chariteer