A new fundraising CRM with a difference

Chariteer has all the essential operational tools you need to manage your charity and also helps you deliver great donor experiences

Make it easy to give

Create mobile friendly online donation forms and widgets, accept one off donations and regular giving. Easily record cash, cheques, justgiving and other forms of donations and manage your Gift Aid.

Adding a contact

Contact Management

Create and store a full picture of your supporters. Setup smart lists to easily track and communicate with your donors.

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Income & Donation Management

Create mobile friendly online donation forms and widgets, easily record donations, process direct debits and gift aid.

Campaigns graphic

Campaign Management

Send and manage regular and engaging communications by email and letter.

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Accounts Integration

Integrate with modern accounting services to record donations .


Build trust and confidence by giving full control to your supporters over the data you hold on them.

Show supporters how their donation makes a difference

By tracking personal donations, through funds and projects you can identify precisely where a donors money has made a difference. Through Chariteer you can communicate the impact of this donation. It's the best story you can tell.

Know your supporters

Record all demographic info, interactions and donation tracking. Create and store a full picture of all your supporters and deliver a truly personal experience.

Measure everything

Measure your important financial metrics, such as income reporting and retention rates
. Measure satisfaction, trust, loyalty and the strength of the relationship. Measure the donor experience.

Create personal and targeted campaigns

Create brilliant supporter communication journeys based on everything you know - preferences, reason for giving, stage of support, interests, motivations etc

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